Taking the dog for a walk
Dog Walking

Nasheroos offers 5* Dog Walking in and around the Torquay area. Whether it’s on or off the lead (with your permission and depending on your dog’s recall), with other dogs on a group walk, or on solo walk, you will not be disappointed with the service.

Your dog(s) will be collected from your home/work and transported safely to a walking area away from main roads. Your dog will come home happy after a walk full of interesting smells so lots of sniffing, fresh air and play time. Your dog’s happiness is my number 1 priority! We walk rain or shine and always have towels ready for when we get back to the vehicle should your pet need to be dried off. Once I drop your best friend back off at home I will make sure that they are happy, dry (to the best of my ability) and have fresh water available. Please note that walking time does not include travel time and your dog will be out of the house for roughly 1 & ½ - 2 hours if on a group walk. Early morning walks and evening walks available if needed.

Before I can take any dog(s) for a walk I will arrange a free consultation with you to discuss your pet’s needs, and so that you can get to know me! Please note that all dogs must be fully vaccinated and proof of this must be shown at the initial consultation. I'm sorry but i can only accept well socialised dogs and castrated males, I am unable to take bitches in season.

If you're looking for a permanent, trustworthy, reliable, daily dog walker or just someone occasionally to walk your pet, I can help with all your dog walking needs so please do not hesitate to get in contact.