Other Services Offered

Drop In Service

Ideal for puppies/eldery dogs who aren’t suitable for an hour’s walk. I can pop in for half an hour to clean up any accidents/mess, let them out for a toilet break, give them cuddles, play with them and to provide company to break up their day a little bit. I can also feed if needed and gather any post and open/shut curtains if necessary. PLEASE NOTE - that this service is only available before 9am and after 4pm, Monday - Friday.

Oscar & Jasper waiting for a treat

Pet Taxi

Do you want to keep your vehicle clean from pet/dog hair? You may just not have the time to take your pet to/from the vets, you may not drive and some taxi companies do not allow pets in their vehicles. If your pet needs taking to the vets/grooming parlour or anywhere then please do not hesitate to ask and I can help.

Pet taxi